3 Food Preservatives Seniors Should Avoid

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Everyone knows that seniors must be conscious of their diet in order to help avoid health problems, but did you also know that one aspect of healthy eating is limiting food preservatives? Studies show that food preservatives may be dangerous and are an oftentimes understated source of health problems. Here are three common food preservatives that seniors should avoid along with information from a trusted Palm Beach home care provider on how these preservatives are capable of causing health problems.


A large 125,000 person study, done by Nurse’s Health Study and Health Professional’s Health Study, found that the preservative aspartame increases the risk of certain type of cancers, especially in men. Avoid diet soda if you want to stay healthy and check product labels on sugar-free goods, which tend to sneak in this dangerous sugar substitute.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

This sugary syrup is another sweetener that may cause health problems such as obesity and diabetes. This is because fructose does not stimulate the body to release as much insulin or leptin as glucose does. Without enough insulin or leptin in our blood, the body will overeat since these hormones help to regulate eating. Look for foods labeled “certified organic” to be sure it is free of this dangerous preservative.

Trans Fat

Trans Fat is another food preservative often found in margarine that could increase the risk of heart attacks among seniors. WebMD cites a study that claims that female nurses with the highest levels of trans fats have triple the risk of heart attack. Opt for a moderate amount of butter or olive oil, which does not have trans fats, instead of margarine and shy away from fried foods. The best way to avoid these harmful food preservatives is to check product labels. However, if handling the task of proper nutrition, grocery shopping and healthy meal preparation sounds like too much for you, get the help of a culinary-trained hourly caregiver in Palm Beach County. Call Palm Beach County Home Care Assistance at 561.429.8292 for more information on how an in-home senior caregiver can help improve quality of life for you or an aging parent or loved one.


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