5 Latest Technologies That Help Seniors Stay Safe

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Sometimes living independently can be challenging for seniors because they need help staying healthy and safe. Palm Beach home care experts suggest the following senior safety devices to help your elderly loved one live safely and independently for longer.

1. Smart Lights

Installing smart lights throughout your loved one’s home could save money and prevent him or her from falling in the dark. In addition to automatically turning off and on at certain times, smart lights can also be connected to motion sensors. Once installed, the lights will turn on whenever your loved one gets out of bed in the dark. 

2. Self-Learning Stove Alarms

Most traditional stove alarms are nothing more than smoke detectors that have been pre-installed in ovens or stovetops. The newest self-learning models can actually adapt to your loved one’s cooking style. For instance, if your loved one regularly cooks bacon at a high temperature, the alarm will not go off when it detects a small amount of bacon smoke in the air. 

3. Motion Activated Reminders

These small devices are plugged directly into electrical outlets and play a personalized voice recording whenever anyone walks by. Install the motion activated boxes near the doorway so your loved one remembers to grab the keys or medication. The device can also be installed outside the home to ask solicitors to leave the area. 

4. Electronic Medication Trackers

Trying to remember to take different pills throughout the day can be confusing, and taking the wrong medication at the wrong time can be dangerous. A medication tracker is a pill box with an integrated audio alarm. When it is time to take medication, the alarm will go off and one of the segments will open up. The alarm becomes progressively louder until your loved one takes the medicine and the system has been reset. 

5. Keyless Smart Locks

Getting stranded outside the home can be confusing and scary for seniors, but your loved one may be uncomfortable leaving keys hidden throughout the property. With a keyless smart lock, a chip or card will automatically unlock the door when your loved one is within a few feet. If your loved one forgets the chip or card, he or she can call you to unlock the door with your mobile app. If you’re looking to hire a Palm Beach caregiver, reach out to Home Care Assistance. All of our hourly and live-in caregivers receive extensive ongoing training to ensure they provide the high-quality in-home care seniors need and deserve. Families who find it challenging to care for their aging loved ones without assistance can benefit greatly from professional respite care. Palm Beach, FL, family caregivers who need a break from their caregiving duties can turn to Home Care Assistance. Using our proprietary Balanced Care Method, our respite caregivers can encourage your loved one to eat well, exercise regularly, get plenty of cognitive and social stimulation, and focus on other lifestyle factors that promote longevity. Call one of our experienced Care Managers today at (561) 429-8292 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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