Post-Stroke Questions to Ask a Senior’s Doctor

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A stroke is a frightening experience, and although the majority of seniors who have a stroke survive, they can face a tough recovery process. Depending on the severity and the length of the stroke, your senior loved one could need ongoing therapies and Palm Beach stroke care to help him or her fully recover. There are some important questions you’ll want ask your loved one’s physician to ensure an effective and efficient recovery process.

1. How long is the recovery?

There is no set statistic for stroke recovery, but a physician knowledgeable with a patient’s history can make the best prognosis.

2. When can my loved one come home?

Not all seniors are discharged immediately after treatment. There might be concern of relapse, and some seniors who have had a stroke may not be able to care for themselves. The doctor might recommend a trial visit prior to a formal discharge—this will help you identify any potential self-care issues.

3. Do I need to make changes in the home?

During recovery, seniors who have had a stroke are at a higher risk of falls in the home. You can help make specific changes to decrease these risks, such as installing handrails and removing area rugs. You can also hire a post-stroke caregiver in Palm Beach who can aid with mobility support and basic household responsibilities.

4. When will my loved one be able to do things alone?

Stroke treatment doesn’t automatically mean your loved one will be independent again. His or her doctor may recommend a combination of occupational and physical therapies to help regain independence.

5. Will my loved one’s communication skills come back?

The National Institutes of Health says it can take up to two years for speech skills to recover after a stroke, and some seniors don’t fully regain their speech and communication skills.

6. Does my loved one require speech therapy?

Due to the effects on speech, many seniors need speech therapy after a stroke. This is a crucial question to ask, since most insurance companies won’t cover therapy sessions without a physician’s referral.

7. How can I get help?

Caregiving can be a tough job, but it’s one you don’t have to do alone. Ask the physician for referrals to reputable home care agencies like Home Care Assistance in Palm Beach, which can match your senior loved one with an experienced, professional caregiver. To learn more about post-stroke care for your senior loved one or to find a reliable caregiver, call Home Care Assistance at (561) 429-8292. Our trusted caregivers can provide help around the house with cooking and cleaning, run errands, offer medication reminders, assist with transfers from the bed or a wheelchair, and provide mobility support. We look forward to helping to you.


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