Should Seniors Care about Social Media?

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According to NPR and many other reputable sources, seniors are the most quickly developing demographic on Facebook. While some seniors love checking their social media accounts and engaging with others online, others scoff at the idea of internet-based communication. The question is, should seniors care about social media and are there any real benefits to social media use among the aging population? Home Care Assistance in Palm Beach County, Fla. certainly thinks so! Here are some benefits and why we think aging adults should start tweeting, hash-tagging and “liking” on their favorite network.

Why Should Seniors Care about Social Media

There are many different benefits that can be enjoyed by seniors if they simply give online social media a chance. For example, social media is a great way for seniors to keep in touch, research and find news about interesting topics, ask questions, delve into discussions, find entertainment through games and videos, share what their interested in, and even grow an existing business (if they have one). One of the only real downsides to social media for seniors is the vast learning curve. But this is an easy fix when aging adults have willing family members or a knowledgeable hourly caregiver in Palm Beach County who is able to patiently help them learn the tricks of the trade.

How to Get Involved

Aside from helpful family members or caregivers, seniors can also utilize a social network’s on-site help guide which can help anyone of any age with features that they don’t fully understand. The first step is finding at least one social network that works for them and then signing up!

Great Senior Social Networks

Great places for seniors to get started with social networking include the AARP Online Community, Genkvetch Social Networking, MyBoomerPlace,, the Cool Grandma, and of course, Facebook. While social media sites are a great way for seniors to stay connected to family and friends once they learn the basic functions, nothing can replace face-to-face communication and social activities. Don’t forget to schedule regular get-togethers with your aging parents. For the times when you can’t be there, consider hiring an experienced Palm Beach County live-in caregiver who is able to provide constant companionship and one-on-one social stimulation. Call Home Care Assistance in Palm Beach today at 561.429.8292 for more information on our reliable senior care services.


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