Skin Care for the Elderly

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When you are looking after your loved one’s needs, skin care may get overlooked in favor of things like proper nutrition, fall safety or medication compliance. However, aging skin is delicate and skin breakdown or yeast infections can quickly turn into serious problems for an elderly adult. If you are care for an elderly parent in Palm Beach home care county, we understand that skin care might not be something you are familiar with and have offered a few simple tips for how to help keep your loved one’s skin as healthy as possible.

For Bathing & Personal Care

  • Create a hygiene schedule that doesn’t include bathing every day of the week to help preserve the skins moisture
  • Avoid overly hot water when showering or bathing as hot water dries out the skin
  • Make sure your loved one dries off thoroughly with a towel after a bath or shower
  • Toilet your loved one at least every 2 hours if he or she has problems with incontinence, as this is a big risk factor for skin breakdown

For Lotions & Moisturizers

  • Apply a daily moisturizer to the face, hands and feet, however use lotions that are fragrance free and try to avoid perfumes as certain dyes and scents can irritate the skin
  • Favor products with ingredients like aloe or jojoba to keep the skin moist
  • Make sure your loved one is wearing sunscreen when going outside, even if only for a short length of time to protect the skin from UV rays and to reduce the risk of burning

For Activities around the House & Daily Living

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothing that can rub against or irritate the skin. Be particularly mindful of poorly-fitting shoes which can cause sores on the ankles or feet
  • Consider using a humidifier in the house; overly dry air can be irritating to elderly skin
  • Be sure that your loved one is moving around periodically. Sitting in one place too long can cause skin damage to the buttocks and back of the legs
  • Encourage your loved one to drink water throughout the day to hydrate the skin
Skin care can be an easy thing to overlook when you are trying to meet your loved one’s complex care needs. However, these simple tips live-in home care tips can help you keep your loved one comfortable and avoid serious complications in the future. For more information about personal care for the elderly, contact Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach. We are changing the way the world ages with flexible hourly and 24 hour care plans that enable seniors to maintain their regular routines, independence and dignity, without having to sacrifice living at home. Call 561-429-8292 and learn how we can help you or an aging parent or loved one.


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