Caring for the Caregiver: Are You Lying to Yourself?

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Those caring for an elderly relative make endless sacrifices to keep their loved one happy and healthy. While it’s an endeavor born out of love, it can reach the point where caregivers lie to themselves to keep going, risking the possibility of caregiver stress or burnout. This can cause family members to deny themselves adequate self-care while their health and happiness begins to suffer for it. If you’re a family caregiver for a senior relative, how many times have you found yourself saying things like, “Nobody else will care for him/her the way I do,” or “He/she would be anxious if I let a total stranger move in”? While these statements can help get you through some of the tough days inherent in any caregiving situation, they aren’t necessarily true and listening to these justifications can cause you to neglect yourself and your loved ones. Innocent lies such as these arise to push back the guilt you may feel about neglecting other aspects of your life, or as a preemptive response to how you’d feel taking time for yourself. The trouble is, there’s no reason to feel guilty– everyone needs to allow time for self-care. Plus, you’ll be unable to properly care for your loved one if your own health begins to fail. It’s important to understand why these lies arise and enable yourself to let them go when it becomes apparent that they do not serve you. Professional senior care providers in Palm Beach home care can allow you to take some time for yourself, your spouse, or your children without sacrificing your peace of mind or your elderly relative’s well-being. You’ll be able to refresh yourself and meet the challenges of caregiving head on after a much needed break. With the help you receive from an hourly caregiver in Palm Beach County, you’ll be able to take respite breaks as often as needed without worrying about your loved ones safety. No need to lie to yourself or wear yourself down over the course of time. Instead, call Palm Beach County Home Care Assistance at 561.429.8292 and ask about our flexible, in-home hourly respire caregiver services.


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