Recent Novels Suitable for the Elderly

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One major advantage of reaching the golden years is having enough time to enjoy reading. Since many studies have shown reading can promote mental acuity, preserve memory, and facilitate learning, it’s important to encourage your senior loved one to read as frequently as possible. Senior Palm Beach home care experts want to share a few recent novels featuring characters and themes that may appeal to an aging demographic

All the Light We Cannot See

Anthony Doerr gives an intimate look at World War II Europe with the story of a German boy and French girl swept up in its turmoil. The struggles the protagonists face will resonate with older readers who have seen war and other major events shape both the world and their own daily lives, and they will also appreciate the novel’s nostalgic detail.

The Gift

Wanda E. Brunstetter’s story of a young Amish man confronting past ghosts to build a future for his orphaned nieces will touch the heartstrings. With its themes of love, family, and finding peace in learning from past mistakes, many senior readers will appreciate the traditional values this book emphasizes.


Mary Doria Russell retells the epic story of the 1881 gunfight at the O.K. Corral in the political and cultural context that often goes overlooked in romanticized Western movies. No lover of Old West lore will want to miss this historical novel that deftly delves into the life and times of Wyatt Earp. Senior readers will especially appreciate revisiting the beloved legend they have likely read about and watched in films for many years.

To See the Moon Again

Jamie Langston Turner weaves a poignant story of an aging professor who finds her orderly life turned upside down when she and her estranged niece embark on a cross-country road trip. Wise, mature readers who know the bittersweet challenges of reconciling the past, present, and future will quickly relate to the two women as they surmount family secrets, past transgressions, and old sorrows on the road to hope and redemption. Reading is a wonderful way for seniors to maintain cognitive health. If your loved one has a memory-related condition like dementia, encouraging him or her to read more often can help delay some of the symptoms. A dementia caregiver in Palm Beach can also help your loved one stay mentally engaged. At Home Care Assistance, all of our caregivers are trained in the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, an activities-based program designed to promote mental acuity. For more information on the benefits in-home care can offer your loved one, call a friendly Care Manager at (561) 429-8292 to schedule a free consultation.


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