Planning a Party or Excursion with Seniors in Mind

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Watching parents cope with age related problems can be difficult, but you can help make life more fun by including seniors in special activities such as parties or outings. Keep in mind that in order for aging adults to feel comfortable socializing, certain modifications might need to be made. Here are some tips from Palm Beach home care Assistance County on how to make sure aging parents stay safe and social during get-togethers.


When planning a party for family or friends, determine if the environment is safe for the elderly guests. It’s advised to remove non-slip rugs that can cause tripping. Another important factor is seating. Special seating for mom or dad should be easily accessible, comfortable and close to areas where everyone is congregating so they may participate and feel a part of the activity. For seniors with dementia who have trouble keeping up, just being close to the action and feeling a part of the fun is comforting. Make the area wheelchair accessible, if necessary. When the elderly arrive, give them a quick tour of the surroundings, pointing out the restrooms. Have trays of food close to their seating and check periodically to see that they have drinks available.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Taking senior parents on short trips can be a great way to make their lives more interesting. Take a trip down memory lane with drives to familiar places. When flying with seniors, choose outside row seating for ease in getting to the restroom or moving achy joints. In the airport, wheelchairs or electric carts to get from terminal to terminal are readily available. Your parent might also thoroughly enjoy a ride on a local train or trolley


Even though most seniors thrive on maintaining routine daily schedules, a party or outing is a great way to stimulate socialization and boost quality of life. With a few small steps, your senior becomes a part of the fun. Are you hosting the party? Be sure to get the help of an hourly Palm Beach County caregiver who is able to tend to your aging parent’s needs, freeing you up to focus on party arrangements. Call 561.429.8292 to talk to one of our senior care managers who would be happy to answer any of your questions.


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