Overcoming Boredom in Your Golden Years

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As your parents and loved ones age, their physical health isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. A sedentary lifestyle can be just as debilitating to long-term health. Boredom can create further complications, possibly leading to social withdrawal, agitation and even depression. Therefore, it’s important for families to encourage their aging loved ones to remain engaged as they age. In addition to regular check-ups with a doctor or primary care physician, add a few of these activities to the calendar to save off boredom.


Palm Beach Alzheimer’s care specialists report that brain games such as jigsaw puzzles, newspaper crosswords, word searches and Sudoku can provide an aging adult with numerous benefits. They are ideal for keeping the mind sharp, and they can help retirees pass the time. By choosing one of these activities a day, your aging loved one will be able to enjoy an activity that improves memory retention, enhances cognitive health and counteracts some of the negative effects aging has on the brain.

Video Games

Surprisingly, video games are a fun activity that can help eliminate boredom, while providing brain stimulation. Video games require seniors to learn new controls and to concentrate on a specific goal. Depending on the type of game, they can also help improve hand-eye coordination, range of motion and mobility. Group games can also be utilized for social interaction so get the grandkids to join in and enjoy a fun filled day with the family.

The Bucket List

You think you know your parents, but they may have secret desires they never shared with you. Maybe your mother always dreamed of learning ballroom dancing, or your father may want to see baseball played at Wrigley Field. Talk to your parents to find out what hobbies they wish they’d taken up or if they have things on their bucket list. Encourage them to follow these dreams to help them stay engaged and happy. Finally, make time to visit with your parent. Make a standing date to go to breakfast or lunch. Invite them to the special events in your life. Join a club together. Not only will you keep boredom away, but you might also learn something new about your parent. If you are unable to visit on a regular basis due to family and work commitments or physical distance, consider help from a provider of Palm Beach home care County families trust. Home Care Assistance offers hourly and live-in care services to seniors in the comfort of home, allowing them to maintain their regular routines and try to activities under the careful supervision of a trained care professional. To learn more about how a Home Care Assistance caregiver can help your aging parent or loved one, reach out to a Care Manager at 561-429-8292. We offer free in-home consultations and offer a range of care options from companionship care to help for advanced conditions including Parkinson’s, stroke, Alzheimer’s and dementia home care in Palm Beach County.


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