Distinguishing Normal Memory Changes from Dementia

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Although a certain amount of memory loss may occur as a normal part of aging, forgetfulness to dementia is very different. If you think your elderly parent, grandparent or loved one may have dementia, it is important to speak with their primary care physician as soon as possible. They will be able to diagnos is any problems and can provide advice as to how to move forward. To learn more about care for senior with, dementia home care continue reading to find out the key differences between memory loss associated with aging and the onset of a more serious illness such as dementia.

Memory Loss in Normal Aging

Although every person ages differently and uniquely, loss of memory is the biggest complaint of people who are growing older. An inability to retain new material without repetition, a shorter attention span and stopping to search for words during a conversation are frequently reported by seniors and older adults. A less effective memory may be frustrating, but it does not obstruct a person’s performance of daily activities and usually does not indicate a precursor to a diagnosis of dementia.

Memory Disturbances Related to Dementia

Memory loss due to dementia is persistent and progressive and affects a senior’s ability to function in their daily life. If your aging loved one needs assistance with activities of daily living such as cooking, cleaning, bathing and dressing and transportation, as a result of memory loss, a professional caregiver can provide help on an as-needed basis to ensure safety and maximize comfort. Learn more about professional caregivers in Palm Beach. Often, a mild form of dementia may not be noticeable to the casual observer, but is obvious to close friends and family. Memory disturbances related to dementia may include examples such as:
  • Increased feelings of anxiety or nervousness when unable to recall a specific event
  • Unclear memory of a recent telephone conversation or visit from a friend
  • Forgetting the names of close family members or friends
  • The inability to follow directions or use a calendar, map or construct notes
  • Unable to cook meals, perform self-care or routine household chores properly
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