How Can I Monitor My Loved Ones Meals?

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If you live with your elderly family member, monitoring his or her diet is simple. However, if your aging parent or loved one lives independently and you cannot visit them every day, making sure they eat balanced meals can be difficult. To prevent and reduce the risk for problems that accompany poor nutrition, Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of Palm Beach home care, offers a few simple tips to concerned families. When you are able to visit, don’t be afraid to ask your aging loved one about their health, what they’re eating and if they have experienced any changes in appetite. You can also ask your loved one to check their weight while you are there. When done on a consistent basis, this is a good way to determine if he or she is eating healthy as weight gains or losses can be an indication that the senior is not eating the proper foods. If your loved one is willing, have him or her keep a notebook that documents what is being eaten daily. When you visit, you can look through the journal to see if there are any nutritional concerns, such as eating too many sweets or not enough protein. Again, this is only if your aging loved one is willing and is honest in tracking their daily meals. For some seniors, it is obvious when an ailment or condition prevents them from being able to purchase fresh groceries and prepare nutritious meals. If this is the case, there are many options. There are delivery services that can provide pre-cooked meals to your loved ones home or you can prepare meals to bring yourself. Soups, pasta dishes and casseroles are easy to prepare, freeze and your loved one can warm them up at a later time. If you have other siblings or family nearby, you can create a schedule and take turns with cooking. Finally, one of the most reliable ways to ensure your loved one is consuming the proper foods is with the help of a caregiver. With hourly and live-in caregivers in Palm Beach, seniors can enjoy reliable transportation to the grocery store, can help with nutritious meal preparation and can also take care of dishwashing and other household chores. You can have the caregiver track what your loved one is eating, allowing you to enjoy peace of mind when you are unable to check-in. For more information about senior nutrition, contact Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach. We provide flexible care schedules and also provide dementia, Alzheimer’s and stroke care in Palm Beach. Call 561-429-8292 today and schedule your free in-home consultation and learn how Home Care Assistance is “changing the way the world ages.”


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