Hospital Discharge: How to Ensure Effective Communication with Multiple Medical Professionals

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Has your elderly loved one recently been admitted to the hospital? There are several things that a family member or caregiver should know in order to ensure effective communication. Miscommunications are one of the biggest problems during a hospital to home transfer due to the amount of care professionals involved in the process. That is why it’s important to have one person who is deemed responsible for the senior’s care, whether that’s an experienced and trained senior caregiver in Palm Beach or a family member. After your elderly parent or loved one is released from the hospital and arrives safely at home, care and communication doesn’t stop. The person responsible for the elderly adult’s care needs to keep in contact with the medical care team who is providing therapies, medications, in-home care instructions and follow-up appointment times. Here are some ways to make sure you stay organized and on top of post-hospital home care in Palm Beach.

Phone Calls

If you are living with your elderly parent and notice any changes in their mental, emotional or physical condition, immediately call the doctor or hospital. This could be a sign of a medication side-effect or medical emergency. This is another reason why around-the-clock is so important for seniors who are recovering and rehabilitating at home.


The doctor will probably want to see your parent soon after being released from the hospital. Make sure you write down every appointment with any doctor and keep track of any medications or special instructions. If you have any questions or need clarity on any medical instructions, always ask the physician to be more specific. Better safe than sorry when handling the health of your aging loved one.


If this all seems overwhelming, you can always enlist the help of a professionally trained caregiver from Palm Beach Home Care. Our caregivers are able to help by assisting with:
  • Hospital to home transfers
  • Transportation to medical appointments and managing medical notes
  • Prescription pick-up and medication reminders
  • 24/7 safety monitoring
  • In-home therapies and exercises
  • Much more!
Home Care Assistance offers senior care on an hourly or 24/7 basis. This is a benefit to family members who might not live near their ailing parent or for adult children who work during the day. For peace of mind and protection, call Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach today at 561.429.8292 to learn more about our Post-Hospital Senior Care Plans.


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