Ways to Boost a Senior’s Self Confidence

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As your parent grows in age, you may realize that their lifestyle changes in order to adapt to growing dependency and decreased mobility. These things can have a great impact on wellness, quality of life and self-confidence. It’s important that family members and in-home senior caregiver in Palm Beach stay attune to a change in an elder’s attitude, so that adjustments can be made to ensure they’re living life to the fullest, despite mobility issues or ailments. Unfortunately, depression and a sense of uselessness may happen to some when the realization comes that they can no longer be as active or do the simple things they once did with ease. This realization can lower self-confidence, which has a direct bearing on both physical and mental health. Additionally, adult children with busy lives don’t always have the time to care for their elderly loved ones on a full-time basis, but take heart – there are ways to help. First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that seniors fare much better in the familiar and comfortable surroundings of their own homes. Over 80% of senior adult prefer to age in place and this can easily be accomplished by getting help from a professional and trusted provider of live-in senior care in Palm Beach. Care can be from a few hours a day to live-in. You are not ‘putting them away’, but rather enabling them to live happier, healthier lives. Having a live-in care companion can sometime be just the trick to lift a senior’s spirits, especially is loneliness and isolation has become a concern. The 24/7 caregivers at Home Care Assistance are carefully matched to your elderly loved one’s personality, lifestyle and care needs to help facilitate a genuine long-term relationship based on trust and loyalty. Seniors often thrive after receiving the devoted one-on-one care offered by the compassionate caregivers on our staff. Even still, nothing can replace to love and attention offered by a family member. If you’re an adult child who lives out of state of must maintain a household or career of your own, there are simple and easy ways for you to boost your parent’s self-esteem and feelings of worth and purpose.
  • Keep in touch often and use modes of communication that they’re comfortable with
  • Ask them questions, even if you may already know the answer. This shows them that you care and are interested in their well-being.
  • Plan short outings to places they enjoy
  • Encourage them to get involved involunteer work where their knowledge can be put to good use
  • Compliment their appearance or applaud them for a recent accomplishment. Sometimes we forget that older adults, too, want to feel appreciated.
When family members and caregivers can come together, that’s when we believe that seniors experience the highest quality of life and wellness. If you’re interested in seeing how one of our 24/7 or hourly senior caregivers in Palm Beach could help your elderly adult age in place while maintaining their dignity, independence and sense of self-worth, call us at 561.429.8292 to schedule a free in-home consultation.  


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