4 Tips for Helping Seniors Adjust to New Technology

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Technological advances are increasing rapidly, including those that can impact your senior loved one’s daily life. New technology can be confusing for some seniors, even for those who know how to use a computer or cell phone. Here are 4 tips to help your loved one adapt to and enjoy new technology, brought to you by the staff at Home Care Assistance, a leading provider of senior in home care Palm Beach.

1. Provide the Instructions

When you introduce your loved one to new technology, be sure to give him or her any instruction manuals or startup guides that came with the device or program. Unlike their younger, more tech-savvy counterparts, seniors are far more likely to follow directions or learn something the old-fashioned way instead of through random experimentation.

2. Ensure Access to Advanced How-To Materials

This can include anything from a book to a website with instructional videos. Many pieces of technology have guidebooks written especially for senior users. These can be a lot of help and can even be found at the local library, so your loved one doesn’t have to purchase a book he or she may only need for a few weeks until getting the hang of things.

3. Encourage Learning Opportunities

Some seniors learn better in a social setting like a classroom. If your loved one fits this description, consider getting him or her involved in free or low-cost learning opportunities at the local senior center, library, or community college. Many places offer discounted learning technology or other courses for seniors over the age of 65.

4. Take Time to Learn Together

It can be difficult to find both the time and patience to share your knowledge and savvy with your loved one. Even so, the overall experience can be a rewarding and nonthreatening way to help him or her adjust to new technology. Plus, you may also benefit from this experience in unexpected ways like improving your own tech skills and seeing everyday technology from a fresh perspective. Using new technology can help stimulate your loved one’s mind and help him or her regain a sense of pride and accomplishment. If your loved one is looking for other ways to stave off cognitive decline, Palm Beach hourly caregivers from Home Care Assistance can help. By using a new activities-based program called the Cognitive Therapeutics Method, our caregivers can help delay the onset of dementia and slow the progression of existing symptoms. For more information, call one of our qualified Care Managers at (561) 429-8292 to schedule a free in-home consultation.


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