How to Engage Seniors who Suffer from Hearing Loss

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Did you know that hearing impairment can have a negative result on a person’s emotional wellbeing? Seniors may become isolated, depressed or suffer great anxiety due to an inability to hear others. If you notice that an aging parent or loved one under your care has become withdrawn and you believe hearing decline is the source of the problem, Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach offers a few tips for engaging those with hearing decline.

Take the Right Approach

Communicating with someone with hearing loss is not as simple as raising one’s voice. This is a common mistake that many people make, and can leave the senior feeling as though they are being talked down to, and in some cases, can cause embarrassment. When communicating with a parent hard-of-hearing, it is best to face them directly and speak clearly. This assists many elders with hearing loss because they can watch your lips as you speak.

Choose Activities Carefully

A fun-filled family get together may not be so fun for those hard-of-hearing. They may not readily participate in events where hearing acuity plays a role. For example, the elder may not want to play Bingo if they cannot hear the numbers or letters that are being called out. Rather than suffer embarrassment or frustration, they will typically choose not to participate. Before selecting a particular activity, evaluate whether or not a hearing deficit will make the activity difficult.

Educate Your Family

When an aging parent or loved one becomes discouraged as the result of their inability to hear, there are usually a host of outside factors playing a role. In the home, a constantly running television or radio may make it difficult to hear, or a child’s change in pitch can be confusing or uncomfortable to their ear. When providing care for a loved one in your home, talk to your family about your loved one’s hearing problem and discuss ways in which you can make the environment quieter and more comfortable.

Seek Outside Help

If hearing problems continue to persist, make an appointment with your loved one’s doctor. They will be able to evaluate your loved one’s current ability to perceive sound and may be able to suggest a hearing aid or other listening device to promote better hearing. When hearing loss threatens a senior’s safety, the doctor may also recommend that family or a professional Palm Beach caregiver is always by the senior’s side to assist with daily activities, transportation and more. For more information about caring for a senior with hearing loss, contact Home Care Assistance of Palm Beach County. Our Care Managers are available 24/7 and can discuss our care options including live-in and part-time care in Palm Beach County. Call 561-429-8292 – we look forward to hearing from you!


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