What to Buy for Your Senior Loved One on Black Friday

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Black Friday shopping is becoming more popular now that huge chains and popular brands offer deep discount pricing. Even online vendors are getting into the Black Friday spirit. However, did you know seniors might also benefit from Black Friday sales? Even if your elderly loved one is not accompanying you to your favorite stores, Palm Beach home care experts suggest a few items that could make great, inexpensive gifts for him or her. 


The electronics market is continually expanding in the world of tablets and the tasks these devices can perform. Many companies offer special deals on tablets during Black Friday as they prepare to get rid of this season’s merchandise to welcome in next season’s wares. If computers are too difficult for your loved one to master, a tablet may be more effective. Often, tablets are extremely user-friendly with obvious, bold lettering and a touch screen. Tablets specialize in offering many features that may be great for seniors like the ability to easily send email or Skype with friends and family and the potential to take and organize digital images. According to researchers, seniors who have a means of electronically connecting with far away relatives are less likely to experience depression and disconnectedness. 


Televisions are one of the deepest discounts at Black Friday sales. Sometimes the highest end models are a better buy in January, but there are excellent models with all the features your loved one could want on sale at Black Friday. If your loved one has been holding on to an antiquated set because replacing something that still works seems wasteful, getting him or her up to speed may be much easier with a tempting Black Friday discount. Regularly watching programs on television can be a real asset to your loved one. Learning shows such as those on TLC or Discovery can help your loved one think and keep his or her mind agile while still being fun to watch, and looking forward to a favorite program may help boost his or her mood. 

Small Appliances

If your loved one likes coffee, get him or her a nice coffee or cappuccino maker for a fraction of the usual cost. Other small appliances like blenders, base and hand mixers, toasters, and even counter grills are also on sale at this time of year. If your loved one enjoys cooking but doesn’t do so because he or she is used to cooking for a family, he or she may be inspired to use small appliances that make the task easier with simple preparation and less cleanup. Cooking is a favored hobby for many seniors, so appliances can help your loved one spend more time doing something he or she enjoys. 

High-End Tea and Wine

It may surprise you to learn high-end labels of tea and wine are often on sale on and around Black Friday. Not as highly promoted as other popular items, a nice bottle of wine to save for New Year’s Eve or tea for cold winter mornings can be a great gift for your loved one. Both black and green teas have been shown to have numerous health benefits such as a lower risk of serious diseases, greater energy and endurance, and even increased bone and muscle health. The American Heart Association claims a single glass of red wine on a regular basis may be good for the heart and help prevent heart disease, which is a serious concern for seniors who are prone to heart-related problems.  Though these gifts can bring some happiness to your loved one’s life, an even better gift may be hiring an hourly or full-time caregiver. At Home Care Assistance, our compassionate caregivers are available to provide companionship and emotional support whenever your loved one needs it and also help with a wide variety of daily tasks. We also offer Alzheimer’s, dementia, and Parkinson’s care in Palm Beach for seniors who need specialized care. For more information on our senior care services, call (561) 429-8292 to speak with a qualified Care Manager.


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