Tips on How to Afford Medications

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Oftentimes with age comes a more frequent need to visit the doctor’s office. And with more frequent doctor’s visits usually comes more and more prescribed medications. If you or an aging loved one are having trouble affording medications, here are a few tips and resources from a trusted Palm Beach home care provider that you can use to help free up some extra cash.

Ask About Generics

It might seem obvious, but asking for generic medications instead of “name brand” medicines may be the best option when it comes to getting better deals on medications. Talk with your doctor about switching to a generic form of your current medication if you’re having trouble affording it. Usually the quality is still the same so there’s no need to worry about health implications.

Try Pill Splitting

Pill splitting is a method that many people use to get better deals on their medication. Often times, varying doses of medicines will cost roughly the same amount. For example, a bottle of 40mg pills will be roughly the same price as a bottle of 80mg pills. You can purchase the latter bottle, split each pill, and have enough medicine to last for double the amount of time as the lesser dosage. Talk to your doctor to find out if your medication is safe to split.

Speak to Your Doctor

In some cases, doctors simply might not be aware of how expensive the medication is that they’re prescribing or if it is out of your price range. Speaking to your doctor about the cost of the medication might warrant him or her to look into cheaper alternatives.

Patient Assistance Programs

Lastly, don’t forget to look into the many patient assistance programs that exist for elderly patients who have trouble affording their medications. Common resources include:
  • American Society of Health-System Pharmacists
  • Partnership for Prescription Assistance
  • RxAssist
  • Patient Advocate Foundation’s Co-Pay Relief
  • Medicare Right Center
You should never let money get in the way of receiving proper health care, and this includes in-home senior care for aging adults in need. If you or an aging parent could use help from the trained and experienced in-home Palm Beach County caregivers at Home Care Assistance, call 561.429.8292 to set up a free in-home consultation and to discuss possible financing options.


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